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Dear All,

         Hey guys, uptomyassinbrass here, real name's Jon. My story starts with an Instagram page back in July of 2016 (shoot me a message if you know what my handle was before 'uptomyassinbrass' and I'll be really impressed). When November of 2017 rolled around, I was approaching 7k followers and needed a name change. I called my old man for advice, he immediately suggested "up-to-my-ass-in-brass" we both laughed and moved on. About a week later with no other ideas in mind, I made the switch. With just one Instagram page connected to a Facebook page, uptomyassinbrass was officially a go. A few short years later and I now find myself breaking over 30k followers with a youtube channel, website and podcast, however, even though the platforms and number of followers have changed, my reasons for starting the movement have not. To this day, I still hold two primary goals. The first goal being; consistently promote the Second Amendment in a positive light. The second goal being; take care of my followers and the people who support me. Overall, I am just a simple guy. A one man shop who enjoys showcasing guns and gear to people who are willing to follow along for one heck of a ride. With each like, comment and share I take pride in knowing that the Second Amendment has yet to be fully taken away. However, without constant protection, the freedoms of tomorrow are never guaranteed. As always, stay free stay safe and thanks for the support.

         - uptomyassinbrass (AKA Jon)




         The UTMAIB Store is the only place to get all official uptomyassinbrass gear and products. All uptomyassinbrass swag stands alone in both quality and comfort. T-Shirts are soft, sweatshirts are warm, patches are durable and stickers are sticky. In short The UTMAIB Store and all its products are built to satisfy. As the founder, owner and sole employee of uptomyassinbrass, I aim to please. More swag is always coming soon so please subscribe and follow along! There is indeed enough freedom to go around.

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