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A buy 2 get 1 free 3 pack of the second best bumper sticker ever made (see the Boogaloo2020 Sticker for the best bumper sticker ever made). Still keeping up with the 2020 election? Do you miss making fun of Bernie Sanders? Are you now looking to make fun of crazy, old Joe? I am. Anyone remember his interview telling people to buy a shotgun for selfdense? I do. A democratic presidental canidate admitting to the america people that they need firearms for selfdense. Classic. Lets not let crazy old Joe down, get out there, take one for the team, buy yourself a shotgun. This 3.75" x 7.5" bumper sticker was designed for those that can't get that stupid song out of their head. As always, if you know, you know. Designed in the USA. Made in the USA. Get yours today and 2020 on.

Buy A Shotgun Sticker - 3 Pack

SKU: buyashotgunsticker3pack
$18.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
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